Cardio: 30-Minute Beginner Treadmill Workout

Try this treadmill workout for beginners to improve your cardiovascular fitness

Does your treadmill just collect dust in the corner of your basement? Do you get bored constantly running on it with no change?

If you live in a city with poor weather, be it freezing cold winter's or rainstorms, running on your treadmill may be inevitable.

However, as bad a reputation as it may carry, the treadmill doesn't have to be all bad. You can have a very effective workout and get in great shape without dying of boredom. The key is to keep your workouts varied, not just running at a steady state for 45 minutes. Doing so won't make you very keen to return and every successful fitness plan is one that keeps you coming back.


Before doing any kind of physical activity it is important to do a warm-up. A warm-up will help lower the risk of injury and it will improve your performance.

For running on the treadmill the main focus of a warm-up should be on lower body movements as the main muscles used in running are in the lower limbs. The upper body shouldn't be ignored but the main goal is to activate the major leg muscles.

The main groups to target are your glute muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. To target these groups some warm-up movements that you can do include:

  • High Knees

  • Butt Kicks

  • Jogging in place

  • Leg Swings

  • Arm circles (for your upper body)

  • Walking on your heels

These are some simple movements to help warm-up the major groups before starting your workout. There are unlimited options for warming up, these just happen to be simple and effective exercises you can do right before hopping on the treadmill. Feel free to add in any light stretching if you have extra tight muscle groups.

The Workout

The workout is interval based, mixing up periods of mid-high intensity with low-intensity intervals. Everybody's pace will be different so choose the speed that best fits your ability. For example, 8.0mph may be high intensity for one person while 10.0mph may be high intensity for somebody else.


5 Minutes at a low intensity

- This period can be used as a final warm-up to make sure your muscles are ready

Main Set

Repeat The Following 8x

  • 90 Seconds on / 60 Seconds off

- Pick a speed that feels like a mid-high intensity and hold it for 90 seconds

- After 90 seconds lower your speed to a low-intensity (slow jog or walk) and rest for 60 seconds. Repeat.

Cool Down

5 Minutes at a low intensity

- This period can be used as a cool down to lower your heart rate before ending the workout


If this is your first time doing interval training it may be best to start at a slower pace. Instead of going out too fast on the first couple sets, try starting at a comfortable pace, and then if you feel good later in the workout you can raise your speed. This prevents you from burning out too soon, allowing you to finish the workout.

Don't overlook the importance of a good warm-up and cool down. Completing a good warm-up will reduce your risk of injury and increase your performance. Staying injury-free will be the key to keeping up your fitness and improving. A good cool-down will kickstart your recovery, allowing you to do another workout sooner. The sooner you can get recovered and start your next workout the better.

To get the most out of your training, make sure to have a good post-workout snack. This will speed up your recovery and solidify your gains.

Thank you, stay safe, and let us know how it goes!

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